Why I Am Running for Bothell City Council

Recently I was asked "Why are you running for City Council?

As the owner of Alexa’s Cafe on Main Street, I’ve operated a successful business in Bothell for over 28 years and done my best to build community as a volunteer on many citizen led projects, groups and advisory boards.

Along with many of you, I place a high value on our community in Bothell. Like much of our region, we’ve watched our City experience some growing pains. As with every city, it’s important to address those growing pains with honesty, accountability and oversight. That is the role of a City Council member and why I have chosen to run.

I have many questions about the decisions that the present City Council members have made in the last few years. I hear a sense of urgency with alarm bells going off!

  1. Why did City Council vote to raise the pay of our City Manager more than $30,000 a year since 2016?

  2. Why is Bothell, a thriving and growing City, currently in a budget deficit?

  3. Why are over seven properties that the City purchased downtown still unsold?

  4. Why have our property taxes increased by 14% in 2019?

I’ve spoken with many people who have the same questions. That is why I am running. I intend to find answers to these questions and more and to remedy the situation where possible.

With my leadership experience and my values of honesty, integrity and candor, I intend to help Bothell grow gracefully from a small town to a small city.

Please join me in this journey towards making our City the best it can be.

Leigh Henderson for Bothell City Council

Building Community. Past, Present & Future #bothellelection2019 #leighforbcc #buildingcommunity

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