Should the Bothell Municipal Court stay open?

I went to the Bothell City Council meeting Tuesday night to show my support for maintaining our independent Bothell Municipal Court. 

Many residents and government officials were shocked to hear that Council has proposed closing our court, which would require outsourcing all local court services to other cities.

I was impressed with the emphatic testimony by several judges, police officers and prosecutors who are strongly opposed to closing the court for a variety of reasons. 

For example, they said we would have no control over costs and would be totally at the mercy of what those other municipalities would charge. In addition, police and prosecutors would have to travel farther to other jurisdictions (in two separate counties), costing extra time and money (including overtime wasted sitting in traffic).

Del Spivey reminded the Council that Bothell voters approved the creation of an independent court, and that it would be a "slap in the face of the citizens who voted it in" to close it.

A bright young woman named Madison, a 17 year old senior at Bothell High, gave a moving plea to the council, letting them know that the youth court has been a valuable resource for her and her classmates, and how it would be a big loss to many students to close it.

A local resident named Joanne asked the council point blank, "has the decision already been made?" The mayor refused to answer her question. It makes you wonder.

What do you think the Council should do about keeping the Bothell Municipal Court?

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