Meeting Bob Ferguson at Woodinville Rotary Club

Leigh Henderson and Bob Ferguson

Tuesday morning, I had the pleasure of meeting Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson at the Woodinville Rotary Club. I was honored to be invited to attend.

I personally think of Bob Ferguson as a “political rock star.” I asked myself, why would he come to a small town and speak to a small group when he is such a busy man? Then I learned that he has made it his goal to visit and speak to all Rotary Clubs in the State of Washington. So far he has been to 145 out of 180!

I personally think that it feeds Bob Ferguson's soul to connect with the people he works hard to protect. I admire his willingness to stand up and take bold steps to protect the people of the State of Washington. His courageous actions have placed him in the national spotlight. He has inspired me as he has others.

The Woodinville Rotary Club is a warm, active and effective group of diverse people who are committed to making a difference in the world. They describe themselves as a "Peacebuilder Club of passionate people of action." With their "global commitment to peace, community, kids and education," they have raised over 2.5 million dollars since 1986 and have funded a variety of peace-building projects, as well as scholarships, park stewardship, and safety instruction to elementary school children.

It's an honor to serve in communities like ours with so many people committed to making a positive difference.

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