Building Community in Bothell since 1991


Leigh moved to Bothell in 1991 after purchasing her business, Alexa’s Catering. With three young children, she chose Bothell because of the Northshore School District, as well as its ideal location between the Eastside, Seattle and Everett.

In 1995, she opened Alexa’s Café and built a successful business that now employs 65 local people for both the Cafe and Catering, and is an economic driver for first jobs out of Northshore school district.  

Leigh has a proven track record for working collaboratively on issues important to Bothell citizens, having served on the boards of the Northshore Chamber of Commerce, Maywood PTA, Bothell Kenmore Chamber (founding member), Scholarship Foundation of Northshore, Downtown Stakeholders Resource Group, YMCA, and most recently the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce.

A highlight in her volunteer career was leading the fundraising efforts that proactively raised over $100,000 after the devastating Bothell fire on July 22, 2015, providing much needed assistance for those local business owners who were affected by the fire so they could pay their employees and help mitigate the damages. She donated food and was instrumental in organizing logistics and fundraising efforts.

When she isn’t busy managing her businesses or volunteering, her favorite activities are babysitting her young grandchildren, organic gardening, and playing soccer.

She believes that now is the time for her to serve on City Council to provide needed oversight, assure responsible growth, ensure fiscal responsibility without raising taxes, and advocate for Bothell’s citizens.


Hello Future Voters!

I’m Leigh Henderson and I am running for Bothell City Council. Why?

Because I am a mother, homeowner and business owner and have lived in downtown Bothell for over 28 years.

I own Alexa’s Cafe and Catering and have a track record for getting involved in local community service at the grass roots level.

Because community is important to me. 

I’ve spent countless mornings volunteering at the Pancake Breakfasts at Fire Station 42. I make time to get involved in hosting charity events, like when we had the big fire downtown and we pooled our resources to help those businesses who lost everything because we care. I am an active member of the Bothell Kenmore Chamber of Commerce and believe in supporting local businesses. I have received awards and recognition for my service.

Because Bothell is growing rapidly. 

Like much of our region, we are truly in an upheaval of change. Bothell started out as a small town “bedroom community” and has become a small city of 45,000 residents. I have felt the growing pains like most of the people that live here and want to be sure we make smart decisions that benefit our town.

Because Bothell is in a unique position in the Puget Sound Region.

Geographically, we are situated right between the Eastside and Seattle. We are home to beautiful waterways, streams and parks, and also have easy access to major highways. We are also located in two counties, King and Snohomish. In addition to the renovated downtown, we have the high tech corridor in Canyon Park. Our city has a lot to offer.

Because the City of Bothell promised us a vital city plan. 

Construction has begun and yet we still have many businesses sitting vacant. We have received state funds for transportation improvements and can expect continued growth and change. I commit to preserving the legacy of Bothell’s past, protecting the valuable community resources we have in the present, and preparing for our expansive future growth.

Because I hear you saying, “We want a Trader Joe’s in downtown Bothell!” 

Believe me, I hear you! I do too, and I promise to advocate for you!


Because I represent the voice of the people. 

I’m not an administrator, I’m a community member, just like you. It’s important to have your voice heard because this is your community and you belong here. I want to build inclusiveness to the wonderful place we all call home, Bothell.

Because I care. 

I would like to earn your vote based on my track record and my motto: “Building Community.” That is what Alexa’s Cafe has always been about and now I want to take that message up the steps of City Hall.

Because I promise to always take the high road and find the good.

I value your trust and your vote. What would YOU like for Bothell’s future? Please let me know because I want to hear from you.


Leigh Henderson - Leigh For BCC -  PO Box 2032, Bothell WA 98041 - 425-236-2473